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From left: Jon-Michail, Ruslan Kogan, Bobby Bajram, Stan 'The Man' Longinidis, Leo De'Angelo Fisher, Joe Marotta.

From left: Jon-Michail, Ruslan Kogan, Bobby Bajram, Stan ‘The Man’ Longinidis, Leo D’Angelo Fisher, Joe Marotta.

Last week, Image Group International in conjunction with Melbourne High School, held the inaugural Entrepreneur’s Conference – Entrepreneurship in the Asian Century. The line-up of entrepreneurs included Ruslan Kogan (CEO of Kogan Technologies), Bobby Bajram (longest survivor of multiple sclerosis – 32 years), Stan ‘The Man’ Longinidis (8 times kickboxing heavyweight world champion and 2013 Sport Australia Hall of Fame inductee), Leo D’Angelo Fisher (leading Business Review Weekly journalist), and Jon-Michail (Image Coach and CEO of Image Group International).

The forum began with Mr Kogan giving the students an insight about what it’s taken to build a multi-million dollar business in Kogan Technologies and revealed many real world insights that held the audience captive.

Mr Kogan’s inspirational speech was then followed by Bobby Bajram, who talked about how he lived with multiple sclerosis and his plans to conquer Mount Everest in 2014.

Stan Longinidis delivered a very motivational speech on how to approach life with an optimistic, but realistic attitude. He talked about the hardships he experienced during his journey to becoming world champion and offered students advice on tackling failure and other obstacles.

Jon-Michail was next and highlighted the importance of a ‘personal brand’ and the effect this has on business networking, Asia and its relationship with image management as well as life in general.

Journalist Leo D’Angelo Fisher then concluded the day by holding a Q&A session
between the students and the speakers.

It was a great event as everything ran smoothly from the start to the end. The speakers were interesting and highly relevant keeping the students engaged throughout the day, and as Bobby Bajram said himself all the students were ‘immaculate’. Due to this year’s success, Image Group International and Melbourne High throught the work of the Commerce Faculty Head, Joe Marotta are planning to run the event again in 2014.

Article by John Nguyen, Michael Zhao and Eric Woo, Melbourne High School.

BRW Young Rich 2013: Ruslan Kogan




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