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The following questions are intended to identify aspects of your visual presentation that may be affecting your personal power and influence.
Please answer the following questions honestly with a "YES" or "NO":

1.You have lost a career or business opportunity knowing you deserved better?  no yes

2. People assume you are a lot older or younger than you really are?
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3. Things have happened in your personal and working life that you feel you have been discriminated?
e.g. Age, Gender, Race, Religion, Class, Appearance etc.
 no yes

4. You buy a new outfit only when the old one wears out?
 no yes

5. On a day when you have an important meeting, do you dress differently?
 no yes
6. People make negative comments about the colours you wear?
 no yes
7. You feel other people in the room are co-ordinated better than you are?
 no yes
8. The quality and look of your smart casual clothing is congruent with the
successful image you aspire to?
 no yes
9. You have trouble getting your ideas accepted at work, groups etc.?
 no yes
10. You are offered jobs well below your ability, experience and training?
 no yes
11. You are not being offered jobs in the occupation or industry in which you would like to work?
 no yes
12. You are attracting everything you want in your life in the areas of Sex, Money and Power?
 no yes


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