How to be happy…

How to be happy…

The Greek way-

And some other ways…


Three years ago, the British government asked London think-tank the New Economics Foundation to review studies on happiness from around the world and turn its findings into simple tips for daily well-being. These are NEF’s five tips for everyday happiness, with comments from speakers at the happiness conference.

“Humans are social creatures, and connecting with others is a basic human need. One of the best ways to build a social network is to become involved in clubs, courses and sporting groups e.g. bushwalking, singing, touch football, gardening and discussion groups.”
DR SARAH EDELMAN Psychologist and author of Change Your Thinking

“Exercise is so important: it helps maintain our dopamine system, the neurological system that gives us feelings of pleasure and ecstasy.”
ROKO BELIC Director of the documentary Happy

“I’m happiest when I’m not focused on myself. It sounds cheesy but as a science journalist I am totally awed by the natural world and the wildlife in my urban environment.”
NATASHA MITCHELL Presenter of ABC Radio National’s All in the Mind

“Although he’s one of the greatest geniuses of all time, Leonardo da Vinci made some colossal mistakes … Part of what made Leonardo a genius was that he never stopped learning.”
MICHAEL GELB Author of 12 books on creative thinking, including How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

“If you dedicate one hour a week to charity or a community cause- whether it’s helping children suffering with cancer, helping animals at an animal shelter, helping the elderly in a nursing home- your levels of happiness and resilience will increase, and your levels of anxiety and depression will reduce.”
PROFESSOR Paula Barrett Childhood anxiety expert, University of Queensland

Source: The Age

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