Maggie Beer – An authentic Australian masterchef…

Maggie Beer – An authentic Australian masterchef…

Susan Herron CEO, Australian Institute of Management thanks Maggie Beer for her presentation.

I had the pleasure to briefly meet and experience a presentation by the platinum lady of cooking, Maggie Beer last week.

Presented by The Australian Institute of Management, she proved to be full of inspiration, passion and fair-dinkum down-to-earthness. An extraordinary story of a true Aussie entrepreneur that should be celebrated more in our community.

The following captures part of Maggie’s culinary journey and her evolvement to a recognised personal and business brand…

Maggie and her husband Colin established the Barossa Pheasant Farm Restaurant in 1978 in the Barossa Valley of South Australia. The restaurant became famous for serving pheasant (which was raised locally) as well as a high
quality pate, known as Pheasant Farm Pate. Maggie and Colin operated the restaurant until 1993.

Among other ventures,  Maggie now operates a business employing about eighty staff in the Barossa in South Australia, which produces a range of specialty gourmet foods, including Pheasant Farm Pate, quince paste, and verjuice – a range of ice creams.

She also co-hosted the ABC television cooking program The Cook and the
with Simon Bryant, who is the Head Chef for the Hilton, Adelaide.

Maggie also has written several books about food and food preparation, as
well as co-authoring a book with noted chef Stephanie Alexander.

Beer was awarded the Centenary Medal on 1 January 2001 for service to
Australian society through cooking and writing.

In 2008, Maggie Beer won the Australian Publishers Association’s illustrated
Book of the Year for Maggie’s Harvest.

She was awarded the “Senior Australian of the Year” 2010.

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