Myths about the job market

Myths about the job market

The job market is rife with old-fashioned myths. Alison Green, author of How to get a job, says there are at least five prevailing myths that deserve to be extinguished.

Here’s Alison Green’s list of myths, as reported on

  1. A college degree means a job. Degrees no longer open doors the way they used to. Experienced workers, on the other hand, can get a job more easily.
  2. Follow your passion and the money will come. This half myth, half true. It all depends on what you are passionate about. Some passionate pursuits, such as creative writing, are best pursued as a hobby and may not lead to jobs.
  3. Be entrepreneurial and start a business.Thiscan open the doors to a new set of challenges and painful realisations about how money is made.
  4. The subject of your college degree can lead to a career. This too, like being passionate about a hobby, depends on what the subject is. Globally, engineering-related subjects are leading to a lot more jobs than humanities.
  5. When in doubt, study. This could prove to be costly and futile. Another degree is unlikely to lead to am job

Can you think of others? I look forward to sharing them in a future blog.


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