New police image – a step in the right direction

New police image – a step in the right direction

Beards, wild hair, earrings and body piercing will no longer be tolerated.

The world is changing and the Victorian Police force is changing with it for the better  – As of January 1st 2012 the force’s new commissioner Ken Lay has chopped the political correct nonsense that allowed our cops to look like B-grade bank robbers, transforming the new troops to look as professional as their jobs require.

We can now feel proud again that the guys and gals on the beat will now present confidently with an image that the public can feel proud of. The new look will be complimented by the latest New York style darker uniforms on order.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Lay said, “Our appearance in the community, at courts and in an operational context has been subject to much debate… Over recent years there has been a lot of feedback from both the public and from members that appearance standards need tightening.

“I am keen to ensure a more uniform look. I think it sends a powerful message to the community that we are a professional organisation, we are as one, and that we care about ourselves and the community.”

Former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett said the police commissioner of the day was entrusted with the responsibility of turnout of the force. “It’s not a dance troupe, it’s not a circus, it’s a police force,” he said.

We agree, well said.


  • Police can wear watches and engagement and wedding rings, but banned are earrings, spacers, facial and body piercings.
  • Hair cannot extend below the top of the shirt collar or below the top of the ear at the sides.
  • Women must tie or pin longer hair close to the head with non-glare hair accessories.
  • Neither men nor women can wear their hair in a ponytail. Extreme styles and colour are forbidden.

Also banned for men are:

  • MUTTON chop or designer sideburns. Neatly trimmed sideburns must not extend beyond the ear lobe.
  • BEARDS, with the exception of practising Sikhs, and handlebar moustaches.
  • GOATEES, soul patches and other facial hair.

Women will also sharpen their looks, with bans on:

  • MAKE-UP and nail polish that is not natural looking or in neutral tones.
  • NECKLACES, bangles and fashion rings.
  • PONYTAILS or similar styles, for safety reasons

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