Case Studies

The following case studies from some of our 6500 plus valued clients and are published with their permission.

Bruce Mackie


Name: Bruce Mackie

Company: Copraxis Coaching

Role: CEO & Business Coach

Bruce Mackie needed increased profitability, re-branding and heightened awareness of his company.
IGI was able to offer strong support for business image, branding and self-confidence. Jon-Michail worked with Bruce to elicit new directions and parameters. Jon did not simply provide the answers and expect Bruce to follow. Bruce was asked powerful questions to unearth the challenges faced and then encouraged to action his plans and theories to produce tangible results. Accomplishing his goals and plans, Bruce was so convinced by the results that he advised all his staff to work with Jon in the same manner and a coaching program was devised and executed.
Prior to working with IGI Bruce was not clearly focussed and needed to hone his management and personal communication skills. After the coaching sessions with Jon Michail and IGI, Bruce had much greater confidence, self-awareness and was able to develop more in-depth and significant relationships with his clients and his employees.His previously murky understanding of the business culture and professional expectations was replaced with clarity and accurate knowledge of his responsibilities and workplace mores. Bruce also gained enough confidence to be able to train staff in clear and defined ways. Bruce is now regarded as an industry leader and has been recognised for his professionalism and superior standards by his industry colleagues.
‘Image Group International is a very progressive, aware and forward thinking organisation, helping clients improve their business acumen and look to the future. Jon Michail’s coaching methods are the most holistic and all-encompassing that I have ever had the privilege to assimilate.’

Christine Rudolph


Name: Christine Rudolph

Company: Telstra

Role: HR Manager

Christine was at a crossroads and was looking to make a career change but was not sure if she had the skills to make the moves she needed to make. She wanted a new look and a new attitude. Her manager suggested she do a training program at IGI and so she joined the coaching program.
The first course of action was to re-jig her appearance to give her a confident and professional air. Jon supported her choices and coached her for over a four month period in the ways in which body language, presentation, speech, etiquette and general demeanour impacted on people’s views of Christine.
Christine was able to successfully internalise one of IGI’s mottos of ‘You are the master of your own destiny. ‘Christine was now armed with the skills and confidence to plan a path for her new life and re-developed her goals and aims. Her life took on a more positive outlook and she felt that she was no longer at the mercy of circumstance. The support and care she received from Jon was life changing as Jon not only coached, he observed and supported as Christine made changes for herself. Christine is much more confident now than she has ever been in her life. She is more focussed and has found the “purpose” in her life. 
‘Image Group International is a wonderful family to be a part of. It is very professional and extremely supportive. Jon Michail is a warm and passionate person who doesn’t just dream things, he makes them happen. The time that I have spent with Jon has been so wonderful, that I will never forget it.’

Gaylene Wright


Name: Gaylene Wright

Company: Team Integral – Business Administration Services

Role: CEO

After a career break away from the corporate world, Gaylene was lacking in confidence, self-awareness and the knowledge needed to take her business to the next level of professionalism. She sought out IGI for the expert assistance she needed.
Gaylene undertook the IGI personal coaching program and excelled in both areas of focus: firstly in her inner image and secondly with her outer image. The inner image centres on increasing vital self-esteem and confidence as well as introducing appropriate business practices in presentations, interviews, dealing with clients, etiquette and various other business situations.The outer image encompasses the factors that combine to produce an integrated and professional appearance and brand for both the individual and the business. Things such as colouring, style, coordination and aesthetics are studied to add the final touches of a professional and dynamic look.
Not surprisingly, Gaylene doubled her income within 18 months. Expertly using the new knowledge and information she had accumulated at IGI, she was able to grow her business and gain greater brand recognition in record time. Her business is now an established force within the industry.
‘Patricia and the team are wonderful. Both she and Jon are exceptionally motivating and helpful. They and their company are extremely professional and easy to work with. They believe in you and encourage you to try things for yourself. This way you learn from the inside and know what works for you. A fabulous on-going experience.’

John Grundy


Name: John Grundy

Company: Grundy Consulting Group

Role: Business Coach

John was a professional who was accustomed to setting goals and achieving what he set out to do. However, moving from academia to starting his own business brought its own set of challenges. The most pressing concerns, as a new entrepreneur, he found were those of improving performance, building revenue and increasing profits. Finding a mentor in the same industry was also a great need he felt and to this end, he sought out Jon Michail and Image Group International.
The one-on-one coaching sessions with Jon Michail provided John with the abundant forms of information and support he was seeking. Using step-by-step analysis and goal setting, Jon was able to lead him through a thorough appraisal of his current situation where he addressed the encumbrances and planned for clear outcome achievement. Both personal and business presentation formed the initial changes that were undertaken, followed by redesigning the business brand and personal and business goal setting.
John has dramatically increased his revenue by over 300% since the commencement of his coaching program with IGI.
‘IGI is very professional. Jon is excellent at helping people solve their business problems. He provides an excellent coaching program. Being a great businessman himself, he is very experienced in running a successful coaching organisation.’

Julie McRitchie


Name: Julie McRitchie

Company: Internet Based Importing Co.

Role: Owner

With two businesses growing in separate directions and with opportunities arising for both, Julie was in need of advice and direction from someone objective whom she could trust. Pursuit of professional and intelligent guidance and input from a recognised industry leader brought her to IGI.
Working through the IGI coaching program Julie was able to identify key factors that would directly contribute to a clear way forward. She focussed on her challenges and then forged out solutions that would not only grow her business but improve her skills, confidence and business acumen.Julie was able to produce a workable business plan, set goals, determine future directions and develop stunning branding with highly recognisable logos.
Julie successfully launched her online business and was able to focus on its growth using the skills she had learned at IGI. Jon gave her advice that motivated her both professionally and personally allowing her to put to rest some personal matters that were hampering her success.
‘IGI is truly a great business. Jon’s approach to personal service, business skills and overcoming challenges is very inspiring and a great relief for someone who has been wandering the wilderness. Patricia works so well with him as a team player and adds great value to the whole process. Jon is very friendly, straight-forward and just great.’

Lloyd Roberts


Name: Lloyd Roberts

Company: SMS Management & Technology Ltd.

Role: Founder & CEO

Lloyd was an experienced consultant and business owner of SMS, the largest Australian owned management consulting firm in the country. However, Lloyd as an accomplished international executive still felt that something was lacking in his presentation style and skills. He had heard about IGI through some former colleagues and decided to take up the challenge of a new coaching program with IGI.
Before he retired as Founder & CEO from SMS (public listed, approx. 1200 workforce), he instructed his senior management team to undertake transformational coaching for all of the stakeholders in the company. Over a two-year period, they were coached through workshops and personal coaching that included Lloyd undertaking the IGI one-on-one coaching program with Jon Michail at the time. They were coached through workshops over a two day period and Lloyd undertook personal one-to-one coaching with Jon at a separate time.
For all of the management team and consultants, the coaching program proved to be extremely beneficial in many, many ways. It increased the level of professionalism within the company and raised awareness of clients’ needs. The bottom line was that the share price rose consistently throughout the transformation process.Lloyd has been able to take advantage of the many new skills he had learned and has actioned them in various new business ventures following his departure from SMS.
‘As a company with over $200m in revenue and 1200 employees it became increasingly difficult to get the image message through to all our employees. I have employed the services of IGI to “educate” 500+ employees resulting in improved individual performance which was enormously beneficial to my company including the bottom line. What stands Jon Michail apart from his peers is his ability to influence employees and help people understand the reason for and the power behind “image” thereby permanently changing entrenched mind sets. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Jon to any business or individual who is serious about taking performance to a new level.’

Mark Watt


Name: Mark Watt

Company: Whitelion & Open Family (non-for-profit)

Profession: CEO

Launching a serious and significant organisation bent on helping people meant that Mark would have to keep his mistakes and start up fumbles to a minimum if he were going to be taken seriously. With this in mind, he recognised that he needed outside help in obtaining the skills to establish partnerships and a networking base. His personal and career life also needed improving.
Mark was coached and supported through action, clear strategy and directed discussion. Potential markets were identified and benefits to the organisation listed. Positioning within the market was analysed and planned for and outline developed for strategic engagement with different organisations, businesses and other stakeholders. Leveraging, promotions, campaigning, developing personal and corporate brand image and extending his networking base were also addressed acutely and thoroughly.
More than anything, the positive way in which Mark was able to go forward and develop a clear direction and strategy was the clincher in establishing a strong and well recognised organisation. The IGI coaching program helped him to develop confidence, increase image awareness and look at things from a different professional perspective. His organisation was able to take advantage of the market situation, connect with the corporate world and build up Whitelion’s brand image.
‘IGI is truly professional and Jon is so genuine, supportive and easy to talk to. Such great value!’

Michelle McClurg


Name: Michelle McClurg

Company: The Investment Group

Role: Engineer & Investor

As a professional, Michelle was very keen to increase her confidence levels within the business world and redress her limiting behaviours and beliefs. She wanted to find out how far she could excel and exactly what her fortes were. She was also most interested in the concept of image management and its influences in business.
One of the main priorities for IGI was to help Michelle develop and present a professional and business-like image. The main focus of this at first was to redesign Michelle’s wardrobe emphasising quality choices rather than quantity “non-performers”. Her future directions were also assessed and planned in attainable steps. The coaching was conducted on a personal one-to-one basis through regular meetings.
Looking like she meant business and having the confidence to back up her appearance made Michelle a much stronger and determined force within her chosen field. After participating in the coaching program, her confidence and awareness soared. She is much more able to take on more challenging tasks with relative ease and now runs her own business.
‘IGI is a very unique and professional organisation. Jon Michail is very practical in his approach and he pushes things forward expertly and with care. He is polite, but forthright as well. A pleasure to work with.’

Peter Sorenson


Name: Peter Sorenson

Company: RMIT University

Role: Director of International Students

Industry: Education

Sometimes the way an Australian executive presents to the rest of the world, may not be as sophisticated as we would like it to be. Peter’s role was to recruit students from all over the world. He was aware that his own image may not have been in keeping with what was expected.
Working with Peter, IGI assessed and improved his personal appearance, communication and confidence levels, business organisational and leadership skills. He was advised to strategically build his network, given the best information on how to form strong strategic partnerships and encouraged to join numerous organisations for entrepreneurs.
Peter became much more skilled, aware and confident in his dealings with people from all over the world and was no longer unsure of the best way to go about things. His new personal brand and style was just what was needed in the international market.
‘IGI is an enlightened and well educated organisation that helps people improve their corporate brand image. Jon Michail is a very passionate person with great knowledge and access to extensive networks. I was able to share my deepest fears and hopes with Jon who proved to be completely trustworthy.’

Robyn Webb


Name: Robyn Webb

Company: Ernst & Young Australia

Role: IT Consultant

From both a personal and professional perspective Robyn felt she needed development and more insights and skills into achieving the success she was seeking. With the prompting of her senior managers she undertook extra coaching under the experienced and watchful eye of Jon Michail from IGI.
Initially the program focussed on mentoring and guiding Robyn through improved personal and business presentation. One of the main emphases was on raising her self-esteem and awareness of her presence. She worked hard in acquiring the skills needed to make an excellent first impression on clients wanting to do business with her company.  Goal setting with action plans was an important component in her coaching and Robyn successfully planned both real and purported scenarios to their logical conclusions providing the insights and outcomes that were desired. The pathway to a successful future had now been mapped out and planned with Robyn and all systems were ready to go.
While Robyn is still in the workplace as an employee, the insights and skills she has learned from IGI and Jon have served to raise her participation and workplace performance to much greater heights. Her personal life has improved dramatically and she is much more confident in every area of her life. The benefits she received from the course have not only changed her focus, they have prepared the way for a dynamic future. She rediscovered her passion for writing and is now a published travel author.
‘IGI helped guide me in the real world of business. Jon was practical, inspirational and direct to the point of referencing what I had to do to stay ahead of the game.’

Tim Williams


Name: Tim Williams

Company: Deakon

Profession: CEO

Tim is CEO of his own firm and is fully aware of the importance of first impressions and the need for professionalism and high standards. Tim joined the IGI personal coaching program to focus on improving his own image in business situations. He was very keen to garner the advantage over competitors that came from, according to him, the knowledge and skills associated with image and branding.
Initially The Brand & ME™ the IGI coaching workshop included himself and nine of Tim’s colleagues. Important advice was given regarding the standards of dress and presentation that are integral to creating a good first impression. Etiquette, communication skills and presentation were also studied. Tim was so impressed with the coaching that he decided to take it one for himself on a one-to-one basis. He worked with Jon Michail on his confidence, business acumen and insights into entrepreneurship.
Three years down the line, Tim has successfully established his own business and repeatedly sees increases of over 30% ROI per annum. He is more focused, confident and skilled than ever before and is recognised as Australia’s leading sales trainer.
‘IGI is a very professional organisation. They easily support clients in becoming more confident and gaining leading edge expertise. Jon actually changed my life. He is easy to work with, non-judgmental and the ultimate mentor.’

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