The following testimonials were provided by some of our 6500 plus valued clients for public release:

  • “As a company with over $200m in revenue and 1200 employees it became increasingly difficult to get the image message through to all our employees. What stands Jon Michail apart from his peers is his ability to influence employees and help people understand the reason for and the power behind “image” thereby permanently changing entrenched mind sets.”

    Lloyd D. Roberts
    Lloyd D. RobertsFounder - SMS Management & Technology
  • “High energy, very powerful, Jon Michail’s style is to support people to bring out their full potential, his subtle style certainly does that.”

    Frank Cselko
    Frank CselkoDirector of Education - Oracle Corporation
  • “Thank you for a very inspiring and insightful seminar. The team thoroughly enjoyed the day. We are excited about taking up the challenges and growing together to build a world class team.”

    John Rutkowski
    John RutkowskiSenior Manager - National Australia Bank (NAB)
  • “The results are already evident. Our team have mentioned that they are seen as more credible and trustworthy with their clients and as a result are capable of growing the business and building stronger relationships, which in our business is critical to success.”

    Jay Patel
    Jay PatelTraining Manager - Hewlett Packard Asia-Pacific
  • “Thank you for all of your great effort, excellent feedback. The group thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and we look forward to more great up-coming workshops.”

    John Mills
    John MillsManager Learning & Development - Qantas
  • “Jon, thanks so much for your wonderful contribution to our first women’s program. It was a great success and you were the star!”

    Jill Jamieson
    Jill JamiesonNational Training Manager - Myer
  • “Jon, thank you for your exciting presentation. Our members were engaged by your energy and enthusiasm and now realise that they must address their personal brand as they develop in coaching.”

    Danny Frawley
    Danny FrawleyCEO - AFL Coaches Association (AFLCA)
  • “We found the session extremely informative and the Group learned many useful tips regarding dress, style and presentation. Thanks for inspiring the Management Assurance Group of KPMG.”

    Di Vermeeren
    Di VermeerenBusiness Services Manager - KPMG
  • “Thank you Jon Michail and your team for the fantastic presentation. I know that everyone enjoyed the day and they all got something out of it personally. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!”

    Alison Kidd
    Alison KiddPractice Leader - ANZ Banking Group
  • “Jon has provided me invaluable guidance on my professional profile and presentation. With a wealth of knowledge, Jon helped with real-life advice that could be applied immediately.”

    Craig Davis
    Craig DavisSenior Business Banking Manager - National Australia Bank
  • “Jon Michail was the highlight of our conference – from a sceptic; I am now a committed advocate.”

    Lim Gaik Bee
    Lim Gaik BeeGroup Training Manager - Dell, Malaysia
  • “Thank you Jon for your great presentations on Winning the Communication & Leadership Game... Any Woman Can! The feedback has been fantastic.”

    Angela Mullany
    Angela MullanyGeneral Counsel - Alcoa of Australia Ltd.
  • “I found your knowledge & experience invaluable in helping me to achieve the goals and objectives I have set myself to being a successful business woman.”

    Linda Holdsworth
    Linda HoldsworthBusiness Manager - Mallinckrodt Medical
  • “Jon is a great brand builder!”

    Simon Heap
    Simon HeapChief Executive Officer - Fastline Group, England

BEFORE you employ an Image Consultant, please read the following.

By Adele Sims – Founder and Director of Write-Ink
For years I have researched, written about and studied online claims from so called experts who more often than not turn out to be amateurs and at times charlatans! I am a business writer – it’s my job to know what’s out there – and what’s legit and what’s not. I’m here to say right now that you have to be prepared for the onslaught of fly by night operators who set up a shingle, claim to be expert consultants and then move on, taking your hard earned dollars with them.
When I first came across the claims of IGI director Jon Michail and his team, I must admit, I had to stop and look carefully at his claims. I looked deeper and with great interest. The image consulting game is growing by the minute and ‘experts’ are popping up all over the place, some of them thinking that just by waving a colour swatch around, they know what they are doing.
What I found with Jon was amazing not just for me, but for others who were also looking for an image make-over.
Image Group International is not a Homer Simpson in the garage type of operation. Their professional stylish, yet down to earth offices bear testament to their own philosophies of making the first image count. They are real people in the real offices with real accredited qualifications for what they do.
The clients are real too – testimonials by the score, from real people with real last names and real photos and histories are available for anyone to study. They are here too on the website, and well worth a read.
Jon’s qualifications and over 20 years’ experience in the field are solid and well earned. The international awards and industry recognition he has received are deserved and legitimate. The courses IGI offers are properly planned, executed and delivered. The association with RMIT University, Australia underscores his professionalism and dedication to Image Consulting.
His clients in big business are real and have had significant results because of Jon’s input and professional expertise. Coming from a solid family background, with his own family to think of, Jon is not interested in the flimsy faddism of ‘undressing in the mall’. He and IGI adopt a holistic approach to providing the best possible advice and support in helping both individuals and corporate clients present and position themselves in the best possible way.
Tried, tested and true, I would choose IGI and Jon Michail over any other operator in the image consulting industry. He and his company sit head and shoulders above the others. I should know – I’ve done my homework and found out for myself.
  • “Jon, thanks so much for your wonderful contribution to our first women’s program. It was a great success and you were the star!”

    Jill Jamieson
    Jill JamiesonNational Training Manager - Myer
  • “I want to express my appreciation for your help in making the IBM Leadership Symposium a success. I think the passionate presentation you made about the benefits of building our personal image which will help us persevere in such a challenging corporate world made a tremendous impression. Your inspiring words, which were combined so wonderfully with practical advice on how to, made all of us realise it is definitely a worthwhile investment in ourselves and is worth its difficulties.”

    Anita Shanmugam
    Anita ShanmugamDirector - IBM Leadership Symposium, South East Asia
  • "Jon Michail takes a holistic approach to an an individual’s development. I found his methods very practical and extremely effective in improving not only my career aspirations, but all aspects of personal interaction, including family relationships."

    Darren Conlin
    Darren ConlinCommander - Melbourne Fire Brigade
  • “An exceptional man with an exceptional talent. Great ability to teach and encourage you to the next level. He would be an asset to any corporation or individual who wants to achieve more in their life both working and personal. Jon displays a level of integrity sadly lacking in today's society. If you want to grow, be challenged and be more than who you are today, then I recommend that you call Jon Michail, after all life is not a renewable resource...so don't waste it or the opportunity to be more than you are today.”

    Corinne Hopewell
    Corinne HopewellSales Representative - Boehringer Ingelheim
  • “Following my consultation with Jon Michail, I had a full day meeting with a few key stakeholders in my business. I was immediately present to the massive increase in influence his coaching gave me. I was able to be far less vocal and animated and yet my influence was total... It is my firm belief that the enthusiasm of everyone in the meeting (read investment) was directly related to my increased confidence and influence due to Jon Michail's coaching.”

    Gary J. FitzGerald
    Gary J. FitzGeraldChief Executive Officer - Vision Venture Capital
  • “IGI helped myself and one of my female staff streamline our professional appearance and eliminate distractive elements. It was fantastic to work with Jon Michail who was honest, critical, and yet kind. His words stay with me everytime I give a public appearance - which is 50 to 100 times a year!”

    Dr. Sara Cullen
    Dr. Sara CullenManaging Director at Cullen Group
  • “I met Jon Michail in Melbourne right before relocating to San Francisco to head a research and development team. Jon's coaching was highly empowering and I have been applying his coaching and advice as I continue to achieve new heights in my career. Jon is not only an excellent image consultant and coach. He is an outstanding personal coach who can in a short time empower you and show you the keys to success that you may not have thought possible. I highly recommend Jon and hope many more people from around the world would consult Jon Michail to help them realize their hidden potential.”

    Dr. Andre Da Costa
    Dr. Andre Da CostaDirector - Pacific Gas and Electric Company, U.S.A.
  • “Jon is a trusted business partner who has achieved significant results consulting in areas such as leadership, team effectiveness and coaching. He is an inspiring, dedicated and highly energetic individual. Most importantly, he consistently displays the values of trust, honesty and respect.”

    Dennis Atacador
    Dennis AtacadorGeneral Manager Business Development at Prosegur
  • “I have had multiple dealings with Jon since 2004 to enhance my Personal Branding. Jon has a frank and open style with practical strategies demonstrating rapid and visible results. I have benefited from Jon’s consultations in enabling me to progress my career. Jon is an acclaimed expert in Personal Imaging and Branding, and I would highly recommend him to anyone actively wanting to pursue their personal development in a fun and highly motivational style.”

    Jag Rewal
    Jag RewalDirector, ICT Procurement - State of Victoria
  • “From the first day I've met Jon, we connected as human beings and he transformed the way I look at life. He has not just been a life coach but a mentor in all ways! We've worked together on various projects. Jon demonstrated a very eclectic mix of life skills along with his business acumen. He is very broad minded individual who respects all his colleagues and associates for their views and knowledge. Now Jon is a part of my inner circle! I would recommend him without a blink to someone who is aspiring to be on the epitome of their career success. Wishing you good luck always!”

    Aakshaye Sheth
    Aakshaye ShethGeneral Manager - Panache-India
  • “For anyone who needs or wants to Step Up and Stand Out, I can highly recommend Jon Michail as a very effective means of helping you doing so. I have known Jon for many years, and he is a trusted business associate. I attended one of his programs on Leadership Branding at AIM, and was impressed by the content and his dynamic style, energy, and genuine passion for what he does. Jon has many successful people who are willing to testify to the amazing changes they have effected in their lives and careers with the assistance of his programs. Also, managing an international and successful business has not stopped him being a genuine and caring person, with a commitment to making things better.”

    Ingrid Fry
    Ingrid FryDirector - Capacity Mattes
  • “I met Jon Michail at the Australian Institute of Management. I have found him to be an excellent person to take me out of my comfort zone, to challenge me and to keep me creating positive ideas. This has had numerous benefits for my work at Mentone Girls' Grammar School where creativity and innovation are a priority. Jon is ethical, respectful, smart and fun to work with; he keeps me learning, looking at the bigger picture and striving for clarity about goals and priorities.”

    Fran Reddan
    Fran ReddanPrincipal - Mentone Girls' Grammar School
  • “I found consulting with Jon was a positive experience, I came away feeling good about myself and my potential.”

    Jennifer Bailey
    Jennifer BaileyManager Recruitment - Evans Faull HR
  • “The medium is the message, as Marshall McLuhan observed as so, it is as we present ourselves for the world. And so to as we present ourselves to the world. Jon Michail is a master when it comes to understanding and deciphering us as we will be seen by others. Watch, do and learn from him.”

    John Carruthers
    John CarruthersDirector (Commercial) at The Everest Academy
  • "Jon Michail is a world leader in brand and image management. One only needs to meet Jon Michail to appreciate his depth of knowledge of the field, and be struck by his ability to transform potential into reality."

    Elisabetta Faenza
    Elisabetta FaenzaAuthor and Educator - Motivational Press
  • “Jon was a very effective mentor to me over a number of years, constantly challenging me to aspire to higher levels of achievement. Jon is a sound strategic thinker. His advice is measured and considered but with a special blend of toughness at all the right moments, which really worked for me. Jon particularly developed my "Brand" awareness and personal insight. His wisdom stays with me today, through many business dealings as well as the day to day challenges of corporate life. It is a pleasure to recommend Jon as both a mentor and a business consultant.”

    Andrew Strongman
    Andrew StrongmanNational Service Delivery Manager - Australia Post
  • “Jon offers a professional, compassionate, authentic, holistic approach to his service of Personal Branding and Image Creation. His out-of-the-box innovative ideas translate into practical and useful 'bites' of insight and information that then create a whole new world of unlimited possibility.”

    Grace Ann-Penning
    Grace Ann-PenningCEO - Grace Ann-Penning Global
  • “I cannot tell you how thankful I am for you and what you have done to help.”

    Jakub Wawrzyniak
    Jakub WawrzyniakBusiness Development Consultant - China

Note: The performance experienced by our clients as described in the Testimonials is not necessarily reflective of what you should expect to experience. Although Image Group International accepted these Testimonials in good faith the results may not be typical, and your performance, if any will vary depending upon many factors which include, but are not limited to, how closely you follow the recommendations, personal profile, beliefs and behaviours etc.

In the event that our client does not provide us with a useable photo or video / audio of themselves, the Testimonies presented are actual Testimonies from our clients but may be represented with our file stock photos or recorded by a third party.

Testimonials may be edited for clarity and brevity.

No one has been paid to share their real-life stories.

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