Palin's Image Inauthentic – claims former aide

Palin's Image Inauthentic – claims former aide

Sarah Palin’s former campaign director Frank Bailey says that she is a “thick-skinned, ambitious, very much self-serving and narcissistic” says the former aide and that her whole image is a “myth” in his newly released book “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin”.

Hardly a new revelation about politicians, as the current crop of world leaders are pretending to lead as distinct from the old school concept of courageous  authentic leadership. This new crop and their superficial leadership styles are contributing to many of the ills
currently facing our communities today,
make no mistake.

Sarah Palin persona pure myth, says former aide

Playing the tough girl – final destination unknown:Sarah Palin on the back of a Harley-Davidson during the Rolling Thunder rally for war veterans in Washington early last week.
Sarah plays her Trump card…
TYCOON Donald Trump jumped on board Sarah Palin’s
One Nation tour of the US last week with words of praise for the
possible Republican presidential contender, describing her as a
“terrific woman and a terrific friend”.

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