Case Study 1: Personal Branding Success Stories

Personal branding was originally (and mistakenly) perceived by some as a tool for people looking for a life change. But it is so much more than that. No matter whether you are a captain of industry, an executive, consultant, employee or the pope, personal branding will help you to develop a towering professional reputation and standing. To do this effectively you need to understand who you are, how you want others to perceive you, where you must focus your efforts and what your goals are. Personal branding coaches that have a real world approach with a demonstrated successful track record to help you to make that leap and to achieve results you never previously envisaged.

Here are two examples of very different people whose lives were altered by their passion and commitment towards achieving a compelling personal brand.


*Kate is an executive with an innovative global company that makes designer furniture. She believed in the process and product and always expected to progress through the ranks because of her commitment and work ethic. However, she was passed over for promotion and began to wonder if she was a victim of the ’glass ceiling’ barrier. Kate knew her work was of value to the organisation, so it was little wonder that she began to believe the company’s unstated attitudes were limiting the level to which she could rise.

She wondered if a personal brand image coach could do something to help her situation before she decided to call it quits with her company. She contacted Image Group International and working closely together, the pair decided that Kate’s desirable qualities included her commitment to her clients, providing solutions to their personal design requests and guiding them through the process of creating unique design solutions. Her clients appreciated her belief in their ideas, her patience and reassurance, and her ability to come up with truly creative alternatives.

Working with her IGI Image coach, Kate developed some new strategies, one of which involved developing a new online presence for the company. The overwhelmingly positive response from clients helped her to achieve her goal and today Kate is the senior designer in the company she believes in so passionately.


*Chris began as a writer with an educational company that specialises in the production of books and educational materials for junior school students. As a former teacher, he could see there were gaps in the list produced each year. However, even as a senior employee, his suggestions were overlooked and the company continued on the path it had created for itself. Chris realised he had to try another tack, and this time he engaged the services of a personal brand image coach in order to build his reputation as an educational resources expert.

Together, they identified opportunities that would enable him to develop his expertise and adjusted his client focus. When Chris presented his employers with the results of his research into new opportunities backed by practical examples, his employers belatedly realised he was too valuable to lose.

Today Chris is a CEO with the company that so nearly lost him and is personally responsible for the new lines that have lifted the company into one of the most creative and profitable in the country.

For these two people, personal branding was the tool that enabled them to build on their strengths and created a positive focus. Their lives were changed by the process.

Is it time to change your life too?

*Names have been changed to protect our client’s identity. All case studies have been approved by clients for public release.

Life is too short NOT to maximise you potential…