Case Study 2: The Technology Company

Companies which operate purely online live and die by their online reputation, no matter whether it is legitimate or simply the public’s perception of their activities. Awareness of marketing companies is often the direct result of reports on their online activities and when these are based on erroneous reporting, the perceptions of potential clients change.

The first port of call for people seeking information is usually Google, where a search will throw up a wide variety of reports and analyses. Not all of these will be unbiased or objective and will sometimes affect the reputation or individual being scrutinised.

Global Tech Group

Global Tech Group*, a reputable company which previously had operated quietly and successfully for a number of years was involved in an acrimonious dispute with a managing director who believed he had been wrongfully dismissed. He had been ‘let go’ due to budget mismanagement and immediately had made it his business to generate as much publicity as possible in order to harm the company’s reputation. Google searches consistently brought up the former MD’s blog which viciously attacked the management and services of Global Tech Group.

The CEO approached IGI Digital a division of Image Group International which promised to highlight positive pages and bury the offending sites deep in all search results. A Corporate Reputation Re-Positioning Plan was developed in conjunction with Reputrak™ (IGI’s patented software system) which ensured that the reputation of the company was the primary result of any search engine, rather than the malicious attacks. Eventually a positive online presence was established and the company’s reputation began to recover.

The results started appearing within forty-five days and it is doubtful whether a similar result would have eventuated by simply attempting to ‘wait it out’. Malicious web sites will not simply disappear. However, with the efforts of IGI Digital, potential clients were steered away from the negative content which remained ‘buried’ in all future searches… welcome to the new world of reputation management.

*Names have been changed to protect our client’s identity. All case studies have been approved by clients for public release.

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