Case Study 4: The Charitable Foundation

For charitable foundations that rely almost solely on the public’s willingness to donate, it is incredibly important that online reports are unfailingly upbeat and inspiring. The public perception of the worthiness of national and international charities is immediately affected by online news reports and when these are less than stellar, reputations –and donations – can immediately collapse.

A search of Google, Bing and other search engines will throw up a wide variety of reports, analyses and publicity for foundations in the public eye. If favourable comment and analysis can be accentuated online and anything less than favourable diminished or even deleted, charitable foundations can move ahead and continue to support the work for which they are renowned.

Sound Foundation

The *Sound Foundation was established after European communism fell and it became obvious that thousands of orphaned children were suffering from untreated deafness and associated conditions. At the time, first-world reaction to the misery of orphaned children was such that donations flooded in to the *Sound Foundation and similar groups, and much was achieved. In time, their work and influence spread world-wide and the Foundation became well respected for its achievements.

However, with the downturn in the global economy, donations fell and volunteers became fewer. As a non-profit organisation, the *Sound Foundation had to turn the situation around. They realised the brand was badly in need of online management so they decided to engage a company that specialises in online brand monitoring and managing platform.

Their choice was to appoint a world leader IGI Digital and Reputrak™ (IGI’s patented software system) in using top talents and technologies to provide its clients with unprecedented control over their own online listings. They were able to get search engine results focused on their achievements and work. Instead of continuing with their usual promotional press releases, third party publishers wrote and publicised live and authoritative content instead.
The result was remarkable. Online donations doubled then tripled. Volunteers once again were stirred by the articles that focused on the achievements made during the *Sound Foundation’s years of success. Without the expert management of their brand, the Foundation would undoubtedly have had to retrench and confine its work to a few key areas. Now, they are able to carry on bringing new hope to deaf children world-wide.

*Names have been changed to protect our client’s identity. All case studies have been approved by clients for public release.

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