Case Study 5: The Mortgage Broker

It’s hard to believe, but yes, there are still companies that have little or no internet presence. There could be several reasons for this: fear of the unknown, older management with little online experience, a well-established local presence, an unwillingness to hire expertise and so on… or an entitlement or complacency mindset that things will be rosy by leaving things the way they are much like in the past.

Mars Bay Mortgages

*Mars Bay Mortgages was just such a business. Having been a local company since 1962 and under the same management for many years, the partners had always relied on word of mouth testimonials and vigorous yellow pages and newspaper advertising to attract new clientele. The business also benefitted by being one of the few mortgage companies in the area.

However, with the financial downturn and the death of one of the partners, management realised that changes had to be made. Mars Bay Mortgages needed to build an online brand to attract more clients and to demonstrate to current clients that their services were worth retaining.

Management contacted a reputable online brand management company to build and enhance their online brand in order to attract and retain clients. In addition to the mortgage company site, the brand management company also set up a domain for a blog to release information about the services that MarsBay was offering. A blog of this nature ensures increase user engagement and trust within a brand as well as ranking well in any search result for Mars Bay Mortgages.

The result is that any online searches for Mars Bay Mortgages result in articles associated with the brand management company positioning them as the “thought leaders” in their market. In addition, the blog has been picked up by several financial websites and the company is attracting business from a far wider geographical spread. Now, any searches for mortgage companies have Mars Bay mortgages featuring prominently and the company is enjoying its increasing profitability.

*Names have been changed to protect our client’s identity. All case studies have been approved by clients for public release.

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