Case Study 6: The Financial Manager

There are times when an employee of a company involved in a scandal is unwittingly caught up in the resulting media exposure and assumed to be part of the subsequent legal proceedings. For those inadvertently involved in such situations, the situation may bring about the collapse of a career structure and the knowledge that it really is all over as far as future profitable business is concerned.

Anna Gulliver

Just such an event happened to *Anna Gulliver, an up and coming financial advisor working for a large financial management company. She was astonished to be contacted by a financial journalist for a national daily newspaper about rumoured irregularities in a popular investment plan run by her company. According to the journalist, he was soon to go public, stating that even if Anna made no comment, the impending scandal would be revealed within weeks.

However, there is one very positive and remarkable way that such an event can be contained in the event of impending negative publicity. A Professional Reputation Control Plan can be implemented by a reputable online brand management company which will create a ‘cyber wall’ around the affected professional’s name in online search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Among other things, it can prevent negative reviews, articles, images, blogs and forums from ranking for targeted keywords and provide control over search engine results for targeted keywords.

Anna promptly contacted the online brand management company IGI Digital – (Image Group International’s Digital Division) for help. She knew nothing about the alleged financial mismanagement and had in fact been head-hunted the preceding week by another company. It was imperative that any fallout be contained and that her online persona remained positive so that she could move on.

The company immediately created a ‘force field’ around her name, ensuring that when the negative publicity hit the media a few weeks later, it did not rank on the first pages of the major search engines for the keywords Anna had supplied. The result was that Anna was not caught up in the massive publicity that eventuated and was able to transfer to her new company without fuss and unwanted publicity.

*Names have been changed to protect our client’s identity. All case studies have been approved by clients for public release.

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