Case Study 8: Premium Solar Industries

*Premium Solar Industries is a fast-growing and profitable business with factories and plant essential to the growth of several intermediate-sized towns. They have the goodwill and support of those communities because of the employment and training opportunities they offer the area.

Premium Solar Industries

Such success brings about its own problems when other companies attempt to emulate that sort of success. One new business, *Great Solar, managed to develop an uncomplimentary news story that quickly rose to prominence in online searches. However, *Premium Solar Industries had already developed a crisis management plan with IGI Digital (Image Group International’s Digital Division) in order to deal with undesirable news headlines and any online threats to the business.

Crisis management deals with threats before, during, and after they have happened, unlike risk management which assesses potential threats. Such management often requires decisions to be made within a short time frame. With this in mind, the brand management company had a large amount of upbeat, brand-boosting content ready to be used immediately if and when required through its publishing associates.

As soon as the positive content was deployed, the negative spotlight on *Premium Solar Industries was alleviated almost immediately. IGI Digital and its associate publishers were successful in shifting the spotlight back to the good image that *Premium Solar Industries had previously enjoyed. The company was able to continue its business throughout the threat period and continue more profitably than before.

*Names have been changed to protect our client’s identity. All case studies have been approved by clients for public release.

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