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The 7 Aspects of Authentic Image Management™ (AIM™)

 Image Group International takes a more global approach to the business of image consulting.

Changing your personal image can change your life. Our holistic approach to image development theory proposes that, in order to establish a public identity for a person, the seven aspects should interrelate to build the desired cohesive image to maximise and monetise your career, business and personal success.
Our image developmeny theory proposes that, in order to establish a public identity for a person, product, company, or entity, the seven aspects should intereelate to build the desired cohesive image.
NOTE :  The choice is yours. You may choose one, or as many as you like from the following aspects in your personalised program.


Communications is the delivery of a message through verbal and non-verbal techniques. Communications explains the heart of an individual and an organisation and clarifies the balance and mixture of its fundamental facts.
The Power of Your Words – How They Make or Break You
Body Language, Physiology and Presence
Engaging Your Audience

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis and Psychology initiates the image management process. Colour plays a critical role in every decision we make. It communicates subconscious messages of health, power, culture and environment. It unifies the image message.


Discover Your True Colours
Powerful Colour Analysis
The Psychology of Colour


Protocol and Etiquette

Protocol and Etiquette defines the acceptable or required behaviour in business and social situations. It is an individual’s and / or organisation’s public statement of its standard conduct that sets the ethical tone for its employees, suppliers and customers. Included in this unit is the latest research of how to best work with the XY  and Millennial Generations. The unit includes recent studies that discuss how manners, language and respect have declined in society in the last couple of decades, the ramifications and how to best engage your team and clients in this environment.


The Business Lunch
Understanding Cultural Differences
Doing Business in the Asian Century
Manners and Respect


Image Objects

Image Objects are places and things that influence our perception of an individual and organisation. They communicate messages in relation to culture, environment and image. Right selection, analysis, and use of image objects will help people and their organisations create the appropriate messages to convey and support their mission.


Accessorising with Impact
Empowering Your Personal Environment
Creating a Harmonious Workplace


Inner Image

Inner Image is the reputation and relationship you have with yourself (Values) regarding security, self-image, belonging, purpose and competence. In the business world, it expresses the organisation’s corporate soul to realise its vision concerning research and development, financial objectives, acquisitions, divestitures, marketing and brand practices and positioning as an ‘employer of choice’.


Build Confidence and Destroy Fear
Whatever You Think You Are, You’re Right
Positive Self Talk
Use Smart Action Goals to Help You Grow
Values are Everything


Grooming Principles

Grooming Principles are the physical manifestations of health and well-being. They are the operating principles that describe the basic environment and character of an individual, an organisation, its products and its employees.


Magnetic Packaging – People, Products and Business
Why Grooming Matters
Executive Health: The Edge in Human Capital
You Are What You Eat and Drink


Wardrobe Strategies

Wardrobe Strategies is system designed to strategically express your lifestyle and profession. Clothing is a tactical tool, like currency used to barter goodwill.


The Message of Clothing
Project Your Personality
Your Visual Packaging
Develop a Wardrobe That Works
Reclaim Your Power and Influence


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