What past image professionals had to say…

What past image professionals had to say...

  • “As a proud graduate it gives me great pleasure to recommend Image Group International as the educator of choice in the field of Image Management. Jon Michail’s outstanding knowledge, integrity and business insight combined with his own style is evidence of what Image Group International offers.”

    Natasha Di Ciano
    Natasha Di CianoImage Consultant, Australia
  • “I increased my fees by 50% after your seminar. Thanks to you my little voice at the back of my head keeps on reminding me, think abundance, not scarcity.”

    Heather Sellick
    Heather SellickImage Consultant, USA
  • “The prices that I anticipated on charging on my services before your seminar were thrown out and I increased them dramatically higher. The inspiration gained set in when I returned home to re-organise my business and fees and start anew.”

    Debra Carr
    Debra CarrImage Consultant, USA
  • “I have known Jon since 1998 and have always admired his enthusiasm for learning and passion for helping others to improve their lives. As a mentor and later as a fellow image advisor, Jon has always been supportive, knowledgeable and inspiring.”

    Nicola Barnard
    Nicola BarnardImage Consultant, Australia
  • “Thanks for the energy, candour and excellent information for my future growth.”

    Dr. Mary Anderson
    Dr. Mary AndersonAuthor & Educator, England
  • “Jon quickly cut through the BS and created an epiphany for me and my business”.

    Jill Christiansori
    Jill ChristiansoriImage Consultant, USA
  • “Very motivating and stimulating, full of true information based on Jon’s vast experience.”

    Kyoko Williams
    Kyoko WilliamsJapan
  • “Jon Michail is an excellent presenter. Within the first five minutes of his presentation, I felt as though I had gotten my money’s worth out of the workshop.”

    Megan Moilanen
    Megan MoilanenImage Consultant, USA

Media Praise: Image Consulting - A Boom Industry Around the World

  • “Carve a niche with Image Consulting.”

    Payal Chanania
    Payal ChananiaJournalist - India
  • “China's middle class going for total makeovers.”

    Li Lei
    Li Lei Journalist - China
  • “Image Consultants evaluate leaders on campaign trail.”

    Constance Droganes
    Constance DroganesJournalist - Canada
  • "Image experts help job hunters dress to impress.”

    Mark Tutton
    Mark TuttonJournalist - USA

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