Social Responsibility (CSR)

“To keep the lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it”
— Mother Theresa

Image Group International are proud supporters of:

Life Education Australia is the largest non-government provider of health education to children and young people in the country. Facilitated by specialist educators who use innovative and interactive teaching strategies, Life Education develops young people’s life skills, knowledge and confidence.

Life Education Australia’s mission is to empower children to make safe and healthy decisions, a vision which matches well with our values to leave a positive footprint on the world and build for future generations.

Whitelion is a leading Australian not-for-profit organisation supporting young people who are involved with, or at risk of involvement, with the Youth Justice System or Out of Home or Leaving Care services.

Whitelion help prevent disadvantaged young people from becoming further isolated from the community by providing them with access to employment opportunities and a mentoring service.

Shartul Foundation is an Indian non-profit organisation for children with special needs. The goal at Shartul Foundation is to provide such children and their parents with a much-needed support structure. All the activities at the Foundation are geared towards creating a positive, loving and caring environment where children with special needs are made to feel at home.

Every child is unique with his / her own personality and his / her individual wants and needs. A disabled child requires extra care and nurturing, and his parents – the psychosocial support.

One Life Foundation is a not for profit organisation that provides support for disadvantaged children and youth in Australia who have a passion to participate in or pursue sporting endeavours. It was founded by IGI Worldwide; Image Group International’s parent company.

The social challenges experienced by young people caused by poverty, homelessness, disability, family breakdown, drugs, alcohol and exclusion affect the lives of many people in our community. One Life Foundation is about providing opportunities to address some of these challenges by creating programs involving sporting activities that result in positive experiences for young people, that due to their circumstances they may not have been able to experience.

Life is too short NOT to maximise your potential…