50 Personal Branding Quotes You Should Know

50 Personal Branding Quotes You Should Know

Our Top 50 “Personal Brand” Quotes

Personal branding can be seen as your unfair advantage, use it to get ahead and get noticed. We’ve compiled the top 50 most memorable quotes from Jon Michail’s book, and other works to introduce you into the world of personal branding.

PERSONAL BRAND is the practice whereby people and their careers are marked as ‘brands’.
PERSONAL BRANDING is the systematic process that activates and monetises the personal brand.

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Personal brand Excellence


Personal Brand Treat


Your external image is only a reflection of your internal. Develop yourself totally! – Image Group International


Every time you are in conflict with your values, you are in conflict with your personal brand. – Jon Michail


Personal Image Attitude


If you avoid risk you also avoid opportunity, because risk is the price you pay for opportunity. You can’t hate the risk and hope for freedom. – Jon Michail


If you don’t manage your personal brand. They will. – Image Group International


Personal Brand Move


Being unreasonable is the hallmark of great achievers and influencers of our time. – Jon Michail


The amount of money you aren’t making is your greatest expense. The quality of romance you aren’t enjoying is your greatest deprivation. The power you aren’t experiencing is your greatest disappointment. – Jon Michail


Personal Image Consume


Beauty is more than skin deep: It is in the marrow of our bones. Beauty is soul deep. Beauty is not an illusion; it is power. – Image Group International


By dressing like a success, you have taken the first big step towards becoming a success. – Image Group International


Personal Brand Job


Most of us settle for the ordinary when we have within us the power and opportunity to have the extraordinary. – Jon Michail


Be smart. Life does not wait for anyone. – Brand yourself! – Image Group International


Personal Brand The Best


Don’t become a prisoner to fashion, educate yourself to knowing what works best for you. – Image Group International


Your mindset reflects your life, and thus your personal brand. – Jon Michail


Personal Brand Action


People most often determine your future with them based on their first encounter with you. Be irresistible. – Image Group International


Everyone has a ‘personal brand’. Few have ‘personal branding’. The system that actives the personal brand.


In the first 5 seconds, your image influences the people you meet – Image Group International


Sometimes the best time to take a risk is when it seems you have the most to lose. – Jon Michail


Winners are those people who have all the relationships they want, the money they want, the influence they want – when they want it. – Jon Michail


Personal Branding Apology


You either run the sex, money, power in your life – or it runs you. – Jon Michail


Style… You take your own raw identity, forge it, polish it and smooth it… there is a rough diamond in all of us. – Image Group International


Personal Branding Conquer


Most people who don’t succeed fail because they don’t look like successes. – Jon Michail


How can you expect to influence when your personal brand does now reflect it? – Jon Michail


Peronal Branding Audrey Hepburn


The quality of your presentation will cement an impression, even after everything else is forgotten. – Image Group International


Your personal brand builds trust in a mistrusting world. – Jon Michail


Individual Style Personality


Only the rich can afford cheap clothing! – Jon Michail


Your reputation is part of your personal brand. Protect it at all costs. – Image Group International


Personal Branding Opportunity


Dressing for work! “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” – Image Group International


Authenticity is the key. Be Yourself! – Jon Michail


personal brand leadership


Content is not King! What is King is Authenticity, Honesty, Love and your Relationships. – Jon Michail


If you look at the greatest successes in the world, you will generally find that they share one trait in common – they have all been unreasonable in their quest. They don’t fit the frozen mould. – Jon Michail


Personal Style Little Things


Style is the way men and women can, by confidently expressing their individuality, add to their stature. – Image Group International


Break bread with clients


Be serious about your business. Be light about your life. – Jon Michail


Confucious dress well Stylw


Believe that being wealthy is your inheritance. Eliminate mediocrity and wealth will come naturally. – Jon Michail


Style exceeds knowing what to wear. It is the audacity to be unique. – Jon Michail


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