Our Top 12 Style Quotes

Our Top 12 Style Quotes

Personal Style

Your ‘Personal Style’ comes under the umbrella of your ‘Personal Brand’ therefore, if you are not presenting your best possible image, you are at serious risk of damaging your brand name and reputation.

Even if we do not want to admit it, your style reflects your personality onto the world through your clothing and your visual packaging, and also through the way you carry yourself and interact with others. This is especially important in business, where first impressions count for so much because in the first 5 seconds your image influences the people you meet. It builds trust and respect, and if you walked into a job interview in a tracksuit the chances are you wouldn’t receive much of either.

In this series we have compiled the top 12 personal style quotes from Jon Michail, Group CEO & Founder of Image Group International. As an internationally acclaimed image maker, Jon knows what he is talking about coaching C-Level Executives and Entrepreneurs from Fortune 500 Companies in 4 Continents. In a past life, Jon has a background in fashion design including with leading fashion masters such as Christian Dior.

Dress Smart, Win Big – Image Group International Approach.
Our holistic approach to Personal Branding and Image Transformation via their patented system, means that we can develop an authentic image for you that guarantees you the power to influence and make an impact.

– Our Tips

  • Aim for a professional look for business, depending upon your needs and objectives.
  • Determine your colours, style and “end game” to use them to your advantage.
  • Elegance in your style is universally appealing and timeless, in your personal life, dress to impress depending upon the occasion, accentuate your natural image and personality and keep the focus on the positives.
  • Authenticity is the key, and keeping things real is what attracts possibilities, because the bottom line is people trust authenticity.

Our 12 Top Style Quotes To Empower

Feel free to print them out and put them on your wall if you need some inspiration day to day.


























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