Where does leadership start?

Where does leadership start?

 Leadership starts with the recognition that we have a real or perceived problem.     

 Leadership is not the hapless and eternal provision of excuses, or endless public relations appearances that create the illusion of activity in the absence of real action.                                          

Leadership is about having the courage to step up and stand out, taking a courageous position where others hide.     

Leadership is about making the real difference at a time that is most needed.

Leadership is about steering the ship and inspiring your crew to come along on the journey with confidence, knowing that the occasional waves and rough weather are accepted as part of the course.        

Leaders without courage can have a negative effect on their team, which can result in behaviour similar to drifting aimlessly in the ocean on a plank of wood, unaware of what possible dangers may lay ahead.(Think about the GFC and how weak political and business leadership has created havoc to nations around the world.)

A true leader is not a coward that lives in fear of their responsibilities and actions. They take response-ability and know that this is the way forward to expressing their authentic self – in a nutshell, real leaders are inspired by the future, they want to make a difference —— they know when to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Winning an Award builds your Personal Brand Influence-
Let’s celebrate our leaders and encourage more Australians to *Step up and Stand Out™

Telstra has been doing this for many years through numerous business awards and recently announced the winners of the 2010 Telstra Business Womens Awards.

They are all extraordinary women and an inspiration to all and should be acknowledged for their gallant efforts .

*”Step up and Stand Out™” is a coaching program
wholly owned by Image Group International.

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